Derek Rosenberry is a full time studio potter based in southeastern Pennsylvania. He has received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University and has participated in a studio pottery assistantship in Asheville, NC. Since 2016 Derek has been building his own personal studio practice, exhibiting and marketing his work nationally at fine craft and fine art shows.

Every piece begins its life being formed by hand on the potter’s wheel or from soft slab construction using dark stoneware clays. Texture, floral motifs, and intermingling glaze flow serve as inspiration for ever evolving surface decoration. Derek’s pots are then finished using wood ash glazes of his own formulation and fired in a gas reduction kiln to 2300 degrees. After the firing, each piece is carefully inspected and sanded smooth before beginning it’s new life out in the world. Every pot is 100% functional and food safe. Size permitting, they are also dishwasher and microwave safe.

Artist Statement:


“My current body of work is rooted in exploring functional stoneware pottery, it’s relation to our daily life, and the human experience. I believe a good pot serves it’s duty in enriching our lives. I am continually drawn to historical pottery archetypes, surface decoration, and motifs, striving to adapt these timeless forms and techniques for our modern culture. I am constantly seeking a balance of aesthetic form, surface design, and utility in my work. I enjoy making simple yet strong forms that are enhanced by surface texture, layered designs of clay slips, and eutectic wood ash glazes. I am constantly exploring these variables through each making cycle with the intent of finding an alchemical balance which results in an object that is exciting for the user, as well as me, the maker.” -Derek Rosenberry